2017 Short Programme on Probability and Statistical mechanics

2017 Short Programme on Probability and Statistical mechanics


The conference will focus on probability theory and statistical mechanics, take the seepage theory, KPZ equation and SLE as the breakthrough point to trace the frontiers of international studies and try to make new progress. At present, the scope of research in this field in China is seriously insufficient. The purpose of the activities in this academic month is to strengthen the connections between famous foreign experts and scholars with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mathematics Institute and national experts and scholars, lay the necessary foundation for the further research and development in this field.


Three forms of activities are includied:


A. Short-term courses given by famous experts (including Fields prize winner, the rapporteur of the International Congress of mathematicians and senior professor, etc.) from China and overseas.


B. A workshop in three and a half days will be hold on November 2017 2-4, the theme of the workshop is stochastic analysis and statistical physics, experts and scholars in activity A and experts and scholars in other related fields from China and overseas will be invited to participate in this workshop.


C. Regular report: invite relevant experts in related fields from China and overseas to make academic reports during the academic month, the reports should coordinate with activity A and B.


Academic Committee

Prof. Zhiming Ma (Co-Chair, AMSS)

Prof. Vladas Sidoravicius (Co-Chair,NYU-Shanghai)

Prof. Fuzhou Gong (AMSS)

Prof. Charles Newman (NYU-Shanghai)


Organization staff

Prof. Fuzhou Gong (AMSS)

Prof. Kainan Xiang (Nankai Uni.)

Prof. Vladas Sidoravicius (NYU-Shanghai)

Prof. Zhao Dong (AMSS)

Prof. Liping Li (AMSS)

Prof. Yuan Liu (AMSS)

Prof. Yongsheng Song (AMSS)

Prof. Kai He (AMSS)

Mis.  Xiaoyun Zhai (AMSS)



New York University Shanghai