2018 geometric analysis and hyperbolic partial differential equations


2018 conference on geometric analysis and hyperbolic partial differential equations was held in South Building (AMSS, CAS) on October 18th-October 23th. Over 30 scholars from France, Singapore and China participated in this Program. This conference focus on problems of geometric analysis and hyperbolic partial differential equation which are closed related with general relativity. It was organized by AMSS, CAS and was sponsored by Hua Loo-Keng Center for Mathematical Science.




The speakers in conference include Prof. Xinliang An (National University of Singapore), Prof. Renjie Feng (BICMR, PKU), Prof. Junbin Li(Sun Yat-Sen University), Prof. Chengbo Wang(ZJU), Dr. Dongyi Wei(BICMR, PKU), Prof. Xingwang Xu (Nanjing University), Prof. Shiwu Yang (BICMR, PKU), Prof. Yi Zhou (Fudan University).



In this conference, conventioneers report many recent important progress. 21 talks have been given during the conference. Prof. Xinliang An reports new results on the formation of singularity. Prof. Renjie Feng reports some new results and open problems on random matrices. Prof. Junbin Li gives talk on construction of black hole formation. Prof. Chengbo Wang reports new results on non-linear wave equation on hyperbolic space. Prof. Fang Wang reports some comparison theorem for fractional GJMS operators. Dr. Dongyi Wei reports new results on Type-D spacetime and

uniqueness theorem of Kerr metric. Prof. Xingwang Xu reports existence and multiplicity results of Einstein scalar field Lichnerowicz equations. Prof. Naqing Xie talks on estimates of Hawking mass and Bartnik mass. Prof. Shiwu Yang reports new progress on global dynamics of Maxwell-Klein-Gordon rquations.