2017 Short Programme on Quantum Algorithms and Cryptanalysis

2017 Short Programme on Quantum Algorithms and Cryptanalysis


Quantum computing is a new computing model for information processing based on the principle of quantum mechanics, it has a huge advantage in the complexity of algorithm, cryptanalysis, quantum secure communication, quantum system simulation, big data processing and artificial intelligence than traditional computers. At present, domestic and foreign countries have entered the critical period of building experimental quantum computers with huge amount of money. Besides the investment from governments of United States, China, EU, UK and Canada, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Intel and other industry tycoon have also been in the field for a long time and have increased investment intensity recently to create the first truly practical quantum computer. The successful manufacture of quantum computer will be the landmark event of the second quantum revolution. How to meet this new revolution in information technology is a major challenge faced by computer science, computer mathematics and related disciplines.


The successful construction and extensive application of quantum computers require breakthroughs in many important scientific and mathematical problems besides the need for breakthroughs in quantum experimental techniques. In particular, there have been several quantum computing schemes, such as Turing machine model, circuit model, topological quantum computing model, etc. However, these models have some difficulties in physical implementation. What is the most suitable quantum computation model for physical implementation? This is a major problem in front of us. In addition, whether quantum computers can really exceed the classical computers in computational power is also a pending open question. In other words, can quantum computers solve the problem that classical computers cannot be solved in polynomial time? what are the quantum programs and quantum software needed by quantum computers? can we design a cryptosystem that can resist quantum computers? There are still many core issues that can't be solved at this point.


This seminar focuses on three important topics: quantum computer science, quantum information theory, and anti-quantum attack cryptosystem. On each topic there will be 3-4 famous experts invited to carry out activities in the form of special reports and short courses. During the seminar, a conference will be organized to invite experts from China and overseas to report on the latest progress. We hope to promote the research and talent cultivation on quantum computation and cryptanalysis through these special academic activities.


Activity Consultant (alphabetical order):

Ruqian Lu, Xiaoshan Gao, Xiaoyun Wang, Mingsheng Ying


Organizing Committee (alphabetical order):

Runyao Duan, Hongbo Li, Shunlong Luo, Yun Shang, Xiaoming Sun