Workshop on Geometric Analysis and Hyperbolic Equations 2017

Workshop on Geometric Analysis and Hyperbolic Equations 2017


The mathematical study of general relativistic Einstein field equations is a hot spot in the world, the main researchers are in the United States and Europe. In recent years, some young scholars have returned to China, and the research in this field has gradually attracted the attention of the mathematical community in China.


A seminar will be held in UCAS Huairou campus on July, 20-26, 2017, July 20th for registration and July 26th for departure. there will be 40 people including scholars, postdoctoral and graduate students invited to participate in the program. Dr. Yu Pin, Willie Wong and Yang Shiwu graduated from Princeton University and their supervisor are Klainerman and Rodnianski, the leaders of the field. Dr. Wang Fang graduated from MIT, Dr. Ma Yue graduated from the University of Paris, Wang Chengbo and Wang Jinhua also engaged in this research area in the United States and Germany for many years. In addition to Wong, Li Junbin, Huang Shoujun and others are the backbone of the research in this field and many good research work has been done, some of which are published on Ann Math, Invent Math. Other speakers are also excellent young scholars in the field of mathematical relativity, recent developments in this field will be discussed in this workshop.


Date/Time: July 20th - July 26th

Venue: Huairou campus, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Scale: 40 participants, including 2 short-term teachers and 20 invited reports

Organizers: Zhang Xiao, Wu Xiaoning