2018 Singularity and Homogenization of PDE

2018 Singularity and Homogenization of PDE


The center plans to hold activities of Singularity and Homogenization of PDE from May 2018 to June. The organizers are professor Lin Fanghua and professor Zhang Liqun. The event is about to invite Changyou Wang, Wei Jun-Cheng, Fanghua Lin and Zhongwei Shen to make a series of reports for about 10 hours each. The series of reports including:

Changyou Wang : to talk about general theory of blow ups for harmonic maps.

Wei Jun-Cheng : to talk about how to construct various blow-ups for harmonic map heat flows. 

Fanghua Lin : to talk about classical periodic homogenization.

Zhongwei Shen: to talk about stochastic homogenization.

This event will also invite some professors from related fields to visit the Center and make reports, a summary meeting will be held before the end of the activity.

For this conference, no registration fee is required. To participate, please contact Professor Liqun Zhang (lqzhang@math.ac.cn).